I will update this page from time to time when I do visiting other famous attractions or places in Kuala Sepetang.

  1. Restoran Tepi Sungai

This restaurant is known for its seafood dishes such as stir- fry prawns, fish, squid and many more. You could also enjoy the fishing village view while eating your food. The dining area is just above the sea and located near the harbour. The seafood are caught fresh from the sea and can be cooked straight away.

2. Charcoal Factory

This is one of the attractions to visit when you travel to Kuala Sepetang. Here it shows how the charcoal is being made and what it is used for. You can smell the strong smoking smell from the charcoal.

3. Watching fireflies at night

Before going to watch the fireflies, we had a brief tour around the town and a night view of the fishing village below the bridge. Later on, we went back to watch the fireflies. We were lucky enough to have a reserved boat just for us to take us to see the fireflies. The tour guide said that it would be better to see them when there is a full moon. The tour took about one hour and it was magnificent and beautiful.

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