After finalizing the key artwork and title, I moved on to designing the poster by adding in the details of the event. 

Here is the information on the event details provided by my Advanced Typography Facebook group:

Here is the key artwork & title that I made in project 1 and I will be used it for each of my collateral

Click on the blog link below to read about the key artwork I have designed:

Final Outcome- Key Artwork & Title (Black & White)

Final Outcome- Key Artwork & Title (Coloured)


I explored different kinds of layout for the event details by using some of the typographic systems that I previously learned in exercise 1. It helps as a guideline and starting point for my layout design of the poster.

Progress of poster design in Adobe Illustrator

Composition #1

Composition #2

Composition #3

Composition #4

After getting feedback, my lecturer said that the second composition looks interesting but I have to make sure the title “Troublemakers Manifesto” is readable to people who don’t know about this event. I decided to go ahead with the composition and modify further.

Collateral- Poster (1st attempt)

After the feedback, I had to change the brush style of the exclamation mark stroke I drew at the back to a softer brush as it looks too harsh. After that, I am able to start printing the poster and framing it. 

Final Poster- Black & White

 Final Poster- Coloured

After finalizing the design of the poster, I printed the poster in A2 size and place it in a frame (50 x 70 cm).

 Framed Poster (50x70cm)

Besides the poster, I had to make a T-shirt and one more collateral from our own choice. I brainstorm for several collaterals that I can print on.

  • Book cover
  • Drawstring bag
  • Tote bag
  • Key chain
  • Luggage tag
  • Mug
  • Bookmark
  • Badge
  • Phone case
  • Non-woven bag

I decided to go ahead and design on a non-woven bag.


I tried out different compositions using a sample template to see how it looks as a result. 

Process of designing artwork on T-shirt in Adobe Illustrator

Composition #1- Front & Back

Composition #2- Front & Back

Composition #3- Front & Back

After the feedback, my lecturer suggested going with either the first or third composition. I chose to go ahead with the third idea and modify it a little.

Final Design of Collateral- T-shirt

PDF of Final T-shirt Design (Front & Back):

After finalizing my design of my shirt, I printed in on a microfiber material for both front and back. I tested on a user to see how it looks as a result.

Testing on a user: T-Shirt- Front

Testing on a user: T-Shirt- Back


I tried out different compositions using a picture of a non-woven sample bag that I found online to see the results. 

Process of designing artwork on the bag in Adobe Illustrator

Bag Design #1

Bag Design #2

After the feedback given, my lecturer said the design was not good enough and develop it further.  So I decided to incorporate my first design of my shirt and changed it a little to make another design for the bag.

Bag Design #3

I noticed that the printing for the bag does not have a back printing so I added the words “The” and “Manifesto”.

Final Design of Collateral- Non-Woven Bag

After finalizing the design and printed it on an actual bag, I tested it on a user to see the results of the appearance.

 Testing on a user: Non-woven bag (Front)


For our project 2 in Interactive Design, we made a microsite relating to our topic, The Troublemakers Manifesto from Advanced Typography project 1 and 2.

Final Microsite

Here are the four collateral together with the key artwork.

Flat Lay- Left: Key Artwork, Poster, Middle: T-Shirt, Non-Woven Bag and Right: Microsite