Have you perform something without any use of communication? I have did a short drama performance during secondary school but not without speaking.

This assignment felt unreal to me. It was my first time to perform something without any speaking.It gave me a chance to think creatively and unrealistic. For this final assignment, we chose soundtrack number 3 to go with our sound performance. The theme we came up with is the ninja like theme. The main story line is Rat 1 has to rescue Rat 2 who is kidnapped by a group of ninjas.

At first, we decided on using sound clip 1 but it felt very common and not too interesting. So we moved on to sound clip 3 which is much more creative because of the strange transitions between each sound. Instead of using humans in the story line, we chose to use animals like rats and cats instead.

This is sound clip 1.

This is sound clip 3.

The following roles were given equally to each member:

  1. Eunike (Group leader)- Rat 1
  2. Jennifer- Rat 2
  3. Andrea, Farah, Haziq and Joshua- Ninjas
  4. Kharin, Sabrina and Noel- Prop holders

These are pictures of prop preparations.

This is my Idea Journal which helps to develop my ideas and our group ideas to finalize the final sound performance. After creating my own idea journal, I combined my ideas towards the final group idea journal to finalize the plot of our sound performance.

IDJ Journal

Group IDJ Journal

And finally, we performed successfully in our sound performance with confidence. Even though I was scared to perform on stage, I kept my confidence and tried to perform the best I can.

This is a video of our performance.


After this assignment, I learnt that group corporation is essential in every group project. Although time management was the problem, we work on the props and went through many rehearsal to produce a good performance.

Throughout the whole semester 1 in Creative Thinking Skills, it helped me to strengthen my creativity and think out-of-the-box in any assignments or themes I am given.


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