What is your interpretation of wings? I interpret wings as a tool for success, intelligence, freedom and protection. To be specific, I have decide to interpret wings through freedom in design.

Through my understanding, I tried to explore various drawing mediums and collages to express freedom. I felt that using different mediums shows how free designing can be. Designing does not stop, it keep on going until it becomes unrealistic yet unique.

Instead of making it attractive to the viewers, I came up with an idea to make it interactive as well. I have inscribe different medium in creating wings silhouette. Then, I made a flipping method to allow viewers to flip through different artworks on one piece.

In order to make it successful, I have created an Idea Journal to explore my ideas and develop them to make it sensible and solve problems into solutions.

IDJ Journal


After deciding on a final design, I inscribe my ideas on a piece of paper.

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In the end, I learnt how to express wings through Art and Design rather than just plain words. I felt that it was really meaningful and allow me to learn freedom through wings.

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