Author: Andrea Choong

Assignment 1: Disney Cube (Disney Rumble)

Have you ever had a chance to create your own game using recycled materials? Well, I was given a chance to do so. My group assignment was to design and produce a Disney Cube game based on a given Disney movie. We were given the movie, Snow White 1937. We are required to use a ping pong ball and a 30 x 30 x 30 cm cube. We had only two weeks to think of an idea and make the cube. We came up with an idea of a boxing fight between Snow White and the Evil Queen. We...

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Assignment 4: Paint To Music

Have you ever paint while listening to different types of music? Well, I’m sure some of us has experience it before. This is my first time doing it in my life. When I first heard about this assignment, I thought that it would be difficult for me. I never thought that painting can be expressed through music. In this assignment, I have explore different techniques such as mark makings, silhouette cut-outs and painting. I listened to both classical and contemporary music. While exploring, I realized that listening to different music gives a different type of painting. Classical music brings...

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Assignment 3: Mark Making Book

Have you ever did mark marking when you were a child? But have you done it using only black and white paint or ink? I thought it would not be attractive, but it brings mark making into a different perspective. For this assignment, we have to create a final book of mark markings in any type of black or white paper. We can include collages or any pattern. My book that I have an idea about links to my research. I felt that I need some of my exploration of mark makings to be included and a book mock-up...

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Assignment 2: Expressive Pattern Design

Have you ever had a chance to create your own pattern using not only 2D components but even 3D components as well? I have only create patterns using pen or pencils but not using other medias. When I first got this assignment, I felt it was similar to the previous assignment. Except this is more abstract-based. In this assignment, I had to create patterns in silhouettes for my final piece.  I have included some patterns that I have done in my previous works in my previous secondary school. I have explored different patterns in each silhouette of man made...

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Assignment 1: Unconventional Self-Portrait

Have you ever drawn yourself or see yourself unconventionally? Well, I have been drawing and see myself normally but not unconventionally. This is the first time I have been given a chance to do so. :0 When the assignment was given to me on the first day, I felt that I did not have the confidence to do it. I felt the same experience when I first did my introductory assignment. This assignment was completely different from what I had expected. So I looked up for some inspiration on the internet. At that moment, I finally had a vivid...

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